Friday, February 4, 2011

Happy Chinese New Year!

I just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Chinese New Year! May your year be prosperous. I'm going to be posting a nian gao recipe soon, three different flavors in fact. I'll update this post soon; I'm going to sleep now.

Update: This was what I had for dinner with my uncle, aunt, cousins and my family.




It was a potluck. I basically took pictures of the same thing from different angles...the pictures are essentially the same thing, but I didn't know which one looked the best.


  1. i hope you have a happy Chinese new year!! best wishes for you and your family to enjoy a prosperous year of happiness, health and wealth! :)

    hope you collect a lot of hong bao this year :)

  2. Nian gao, yumm....

    Have a good night's sleep.

    Happy New Year!

  3. Happy New Year! :D Look forward to seeing these 3 flavours of nian gao. I love nian gao by the way haha

  4. a very happy chinese new year to you too!

  5. grub, all the same to you too! It's rabbit year, what a cute zodiac year. I feel kind of old, maybe a little too old to be getting hong baos. XD Hopefully you get a lot too. You still get them right?

    Christine, They are soo yummy that I gained weight because of them. :( Me and carbs, we have a love hate relationship.
    Happy Chinese New Year to you too.

    Sharon, Happy New Year again. I wonder how many other flavors there are for nian gao...hmmm. Me too, they remind me of mochi because of the same ingredients (same base at least).

    lena, Thanks. Can't wait until you return from your vacation, then I get to read more posts from you. :) No pressure though.


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