Monday, December 27, 2010

2nd Time Cinnamon Rolls

Packaged and ready to be given away to my teachers as their Christmas gift
I originally wanted to give them to my friends too, but I ran out.

I made Pioneer Woman's cinnamon rolls again. The last time I made them, they were sliced into 1 1/2 inch pieces. This time they were sliced into 1 inch rolls, so I was able to make many more rolls. I had extra rolls that I didn't know where to put, so I put them into cupcake liners.


I forgot to take a picture of how they turned out, but they reminded me of roses after they were glazed.

I didn't measure out the cinnamon this time so the filling in the rolls weren't consistent.
Oh yea, I got a new 9 inch cake pan!

I ran into some problems this time around. I baked it for specified amount of time, but it still wasn't done even though the rolls were thinner. I continued baking it, but then I almost forgot about them and semi burned the tops. :( For some rolls, I even burned the bottoms into a terrible crunchy mess. I was pretty disappointed with myself, but I couldn't really do anything about it.

Another problem I encountered was that I had to go somewhere when I was still proofing the dough. I could only hope for the best and leave the dough out in my living room. Luckily, when I came home it seemed to be fine. (I forgot what I was doing that day; I only remember that it was on Sunday and that I went to my uncle's house to eat)

This time the dough was also stickier than last time, now I know that last time I incorrectly measured out the amount of flour. Remember how I said that I forgot how many cups of flour I added? Well apparently, I added extra last time so the dough was easier to work with. If using the correct amount of flour, the dough will be stickier.

That day sure was an adventure. I look forward to making these rolls again so I can find the perfect method.

Oh! I almost forgot. My English teacher and peer mentor teacher, along with their husbands, all think that these rolls were delicious. I'm so glad that they were happy with the results. whewf


  1. Whoaa that's a lot of cinnamon rolls! They look delicious(:

    Oh and I'm not sure what kind of camera I have.. It's not exactly mine haha it's my dads(: He already has one.. so I just kinda borrowed that one(:

  2. I think we've all had times when we forget something's in the oven. lol What a great teacher's gift. They look perfect!

  3. Danielle, You should see how many Pioneer Woman makes! I already halved her recipe and it still made this many.

    Oh, I see. :)

    Barbara Bakes, Yup, that happens a lot to me. :D Aww, thanks.


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