Monday, October 18, 2010

炸酱麵 Bean Paste Pork Noodles

炸酱麵 also known as zha jiang mian or bean paste pork noodles (my translation), is a dish where bean paste is used to make a sauce and cooked with minced pork. My mom also adds 豆乾 (dried tofu) that is diced into this dish, which is a childhood favorite of mine. Whenever my mom made this dish, I would eat one bowl after another until I felt like my stomach would explode. XD After a really long time of not cooking these noodles, my mom decided to make them for me on 10/9/10. I was soo happy! It was actually to celebrate the end of my SATs because I don't want to take anymore SATs after the one I just took on 10/9/10.

My mom usually cooks these noodles with hand pulled noodles bought from a supermarket, but last week she made them with regular thin noodles.



I'll share the recipe one day when my mom makes them again.

Next time, maybe I'll try making homemade noodles too with this recipe. :)


  1. Handmade noodles are fun =) I've made them I think twice, but they always turn out ugly =S Despite being chinese, I've never had these bean paste noodle before- only the Korean version =) haha.....
    These look really yummy though!

  2. It really does seem tasty, when you ate until you almost exploded. LOL

  3. mmm looks yum! i love handmade noodles especially hand pulled ones! they have the extra chewiness commerical noodles don't have

  4. Von, As long as they taste good, then they're fine. :) I really want to make noodles, but I haven't found the time to make them yet. I never tasted the Korean version, but I think it might be pretty much the same thing. I'll tell my mom. :)

    Wendy, Lol, I always do that with my favorite food. No self control.

    grub, Yummm, sounds soo good. My mom has made mao er duo and mian ge da. Mao er duo is also known as 貓耳朵, and if directly translated, cat's ears. They are "noodles" that are shaped like cat's ears and mian ge da is basically the same thing but more watery. Both are very good, but my mom doesn't make it often because my dad doesn't really like eating it and it also takes a lot of work. I'll share the recipe one day.

  5. hi esther, your noodles have brought me my childhood memory! I miss this food a ton!!! and thanks for sharing the hand-pull noodles recipe, I'd give anything for a bowl of home-made!!!

  6. It's such a shame that I have never tried zha jiang mian yet! It's definitely in my list to try!

  7. Love zhajiang noodles! Both Korean and Chinese yum! I like the idea of adding dried tofu!

  8. Nice. I like Zha Jiang noodles but have not eaten it for some time now.

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  10. Hi Gattina, Aww, you should make them some day then. That way you won't miss the food as much. (if it's possible?) Thanks for visiting my blog.

    Cooking Gallery, This noodle is pretty easy to make. I think you just need to get the ingredients and then everything else will be pretty fast.

    pigpigscorner, I never tried eating the Korean type before! I wonder what's the difference between the two.

    tigerfish, :) Thank you.

    Danielle, you're welcome! It's helpful to know what it's like to have an ED. That way I can support my friend and kind of know how she feels. Actually, I did go on that website, except I stopped going on it for quite a while because I think I didn't know where to start. Hmm, I might start going on it again though.
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