Saturday, October 9, 2010

One Bowl Brownies

I made these brownies in 40 minutes (preparing and mixing) for my grandma's birthday (last month). They were a bit cake like and not super moist, but still a hit in the family. I kind of over baked it a bit and I also tweaked the recipe a bit, so it wasn't the original recipe's fault. It is very hard to resist eating these desserts.

Note: I didn't take any pictures b/c of the camera problem and the only reason I'm able to provide pictures in my last post was because I borrowed my uncle's camera and/or posted up a post that was long overdue. I was planning to bake it again to take pictures, but I barely bake recipes twice as I want to try out many new things.

One Bowl Brownies
Adapted from The Pink Peppercorn who adapted it from Bev Shaffer
1/2 cup cocoa powder
2 cups flour
1 1/4 cup sugar (I didn't want to put 2 cups, a rough estimate would be 1 tbsp of sugar each piece!)
3/4 cup butter, softened (180 grams, original recipe called for 226 grams)
2 large eggs
2 tsp vanilla (I just estimated it, too lazy to measure)
1/2 cup walnuts (I just poked it in the batter because the batter was like cookie dough)
1/2 cup chocolate chips (Same as the walnuts, I didn't use the full amount though)

I used a 8 by 12 or so inch pan

Mix all the ingredients together. Yes, just mix.

What I did was to whisk the dry ingredients together to evenly distribute everything. Then I added the 2 eggs, butter and vanilla and used an electric mixer to beat everything together. It will be crumbly and dry, don't worry, keep on mixing. Mix until it starts coming together. Then, press the dough into your pan that was previously greased and add your toppings.

Easy peasy brownies. Very unique because I never made brownies that weren't in the form of a batter. The advantage of this recipe is that you don't need to melt chocolate.


  1. I barely bake things more than once too =S haha....
    But if I don't take a photo then it gives me an excuse to make the recipe again =) Although I usually wait a very very long time before making the same recipe again...

    I've never made borwnies before, although they're on my list to try =) I love brownies! I find that with chocolate things, you can stuff up as much as you want, and they'll usually still end up being a hit =)

    School's technically finished for me because we had our graduation and everything. But the weird thing about our school system here is that although we've graduated, we have our final exams afterwards- they start next week =S So I've been trying to study over the past couple of days, only it hasn't been going that well because it's so boring!! haha.....blogging and baking is a billion times more fun!!

  2. Von, Haha, because we both have a super long list of the things we want to make. Yea, that's exactly the case. I had to do that for my marble cake that I'll post about soon.

    Oh, really? That's hard to believe. But then and again, I live in the US where brownies are a very popular snack, brownie mixes are very common too. Yea, that's very true because everyone, well almost everyone, loves chocolate.

    Wow, that's so weird. It's vacation and yet you still need to study. Good luck on them! You can do it. :) Congrats about graduating. Does that mean you're going to college already in a few months?

  3. Brownies aren't really that popular here....
    I only found out about them at the end of primary school =) But when I did find out about them, I had a huge thing for them- but this was ages before I started baking, so I only bought them from the supermarket, and those didn't really taste that great =S

    I know- it's weird!! The teachers are all like, these holidays don't actually exist for us, but I can't really study when I know it's supposed to be a holiday....haha =) Thankyou!!

    I'm guess college is the same as university?? We start university next year, which means I'll get plenty of time to relax after exams =)

  4. Von, In the US, cc cookies and brownies are really popular. I used to make brownies with mixes, but now I realize that homemade brownies are pretty easy too. Yea, usually supermarket desserts don't taste as good.

    Lol. you're welcome.

    Yea it is. Well, I think it's a little different concerning the level of the programs they have, but I'm not too sure. Do you get to apply to different universities and choose the one you get into?


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