Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Strawberry Swirl Cheesecake Part 2

Okay, so after the crust, I made the filling. The filling was surprisingly easy to make. All I had to do was beat the cream cheese until it was fluffy. After that, I added the sugar and mixed. As noted in the instructions, the sugar was supposed to be added in a steady stream, but due to my hand mixer, I wasn't able to do that. Everything turned out fine though, so that's good. Then the eggs were added along with the vanilla and salt. The filling was done!

This is what it looks like before you add the eggs.

Here, the eggs are already mixed in.

Doesn't it look so creamy?

Now, spoon 3 tablespoons of the filling into each cupcake liner.

Here comes the fun part! I got to scoop one teaspoon of the strawberry puree and make little drops on top of the "cupcake". Make sure to use the whole spoonful. Then make the swirls you want to make with a teaspoon. It is a little hard to make it look pretty, but I got right after a few tries.

The finished sweet! All I had to do was bake them and wait for them to cool down. The only dilemma was that afterward the cheese[cup]cakes were kind of soft, even after the 4 hours of refrigeration. So what I did was to freeze them a bit longer and then they turn out awesome! My family really liked this and I hope you do too.

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