Sunday, March 6, 2011

小 牛牌 Little Ribs

When I was little, my mom would cook this pretty often. However, now we only eat this once in a while. The ingredients below are estimates because my mom adds ingredients by eying the amount, not measuring like me. Hopefully, I will learn how to cook one day without measuring ingredients. Sorry, but I don't know the English name for this my translation may sound a bit weird.

小牛牌 Little Ribs
Recipe from my mom
some ribs
BBQ sauce or black pepper sauce -2-3-4 tbsps
Soy sauce around 1 tbsp or more, depending on the amount of meat

Cut ribs, get rid of the fat by peeling it off. If there is too much fat, cut it off with a knife.

Marinate the ribs for around 30 minutes in the BBQ sauce or black pepper sauce. Use enough sauce to marinate all the meat.

When cooking it, no oil is needed for the pan because there will be a lot of fat coming out.

Add the meat to the pan by laying it on its side. Cook on medium heat for a few minutes so the meat won't become tough.
Cook on one side for a few minutes, then flip over to the other side.
Then cover the pan with the lid, checking from time to time to see when it is done on that one side. After it is done on that side, flip it over to continue cooking. This will only take a few minutes and then you're done!

The remaining sauce leftover from this dish is good for noodles. Just cook and drain the noodles, then mix the sauce with the noodles.

Btw, these pictures were taken with the old camera, before it died.


  1. our parents cook the same way haha. i like making my own sauce for ribs/chicken wings/drumlettes but my parents prefer improving with bottled sauces haha. neither way they're still yummy. usually i bake them instead of pan frying.

    and to answer your questions:

    i've only started uni so i'm not sure if i prefer it over yr 12, but i'm sure each had its pros and cons. eg: courses in uni are taught much faster than in yr 12, and in uni there is no "spoon feeding" from teachers in yr 12.

    and so far i haven't had much homework, but i work on my Chinese a lot since i do intend to gain a major from it. it's gonna take a lot of work as i haven't studied it since yr 11 and it's become horrible.

    hopefully i can update my blog on the weekends. if you have anymore questions just shoot them right at me :)

  2. Mm...this looks really good! My mum doesn't cook with recipes either, unless it's something she only cooks once or twice a year :) I guess that's the difference between cooking and baking though- when I cook something, I usually go crazy adding random things in different amounts- just to make up for not being able to when baking...haha! I find it difficult to cook without a rough recipe though (which is usually what happens when I try to cook something my mum taught me before)- I can never remember all the ingredients or the order in which to cook them!

  3. I would loooove this with black pepper sauce. Love black pepper :D. This sounds so delicious I can almost smell it from here lol.

    And oh yeah, I forgot to reply to your question. Sports I do...badminton and...does shopping count? Lol. I'm not the most sporty type. I used to run but I haven't been for a year because I couldn't find the time to train. I just got back into it on Saturday, and by golly I'm so unfit! I so need to train back my stamina lol.

  4. What a yummy dish. I can have a big bowl of rice with it. :)

  5. This is so yummie and is sure open the appetite. Like Christine would love to have it with a big bowl of white rice. Hope you have a wonderful week ahead :-)

  6. Look delicious! Mum is always the best for making easy and delicious meal...speaking about myself too :p LOL

    Still remember when I first moved out and started cooking was really bad. I ended eating bread more than anything else. LOL. You have been doing very well... 3 cheers for your great independence.

  7. grub, the thought of making our own sauces didn't even occur to me! I always assumed that marinating meat with these sauces was the only way to go, proving just how little I know about cooking. XD

    Thanks for answering my questions, even though I had so many. :) Sounds like you just need to become more independent in uni than in year 12, fast paced learning is so hard for me. I prefer the "spoon feeding" method so much more hahaha. I'm guessing you can't directly ask your professor for help during class? Luckily your schedule seems more flexible now right?

    Chinese is so hard to learn, the writing part I mean. It's so easy to forget too, my Chinese becomes rusty after a summer without Chinese school. It's hard to imagine how terrible my Chinese will be after a few years without Chinese school. Good luck to you with your studies. :)

    Von, yea! My mom was able to learn how to cook by just watching her mom cook. She just cooks by going with the flow. I find it difficult to cook because I like specific instructions or I like to know what to do next. It really is hard remembering all the ingredients for cooking and the steps that they should be added. I once tried cooking this braised chicken and it turned out into this soupy chicken that would be good for curry. :/ The thing about cooking is that it's very forgiving, so that you can always just tweak a dish if you mess up. :D You seem to be good at cooking from what I see in your cooking recipes.

    Sharon, Then you should try this out some day, because if you just use store bought sauce it's easy peasy. :)

    Badmington is so fun! I used to play that in PE with my friends and I really enjoyed it. Now, I just don't play it. As for running, it's such a good sport. Good luck with your marathon. :) I don't know how people do marathons, I would just about die. I used to be so-so at running, but now I'm just terrible. I'm sooo out of shape, it's embarrassing. Shopping counts, haha. All the walking and carrying bags = great workout.

    Christine, I love eating these type of dishes with rice too. :) Drenching the rice with the sauce makes it taste so good.

    Juliana, Thank you. :) You too, have a great week and take care.

    Zoe, Moms always make the best food, so true. And thanks.

    Sorry for the confusion, but actually I didn't cook this. My mom did, I just took some notes and pictures while she cooked it. haha Also, I'm still in high school, only 6 more months till I leave for college :-O. Sorry if I was misleading. I wonder if my dorm in college will have a kitchen though. I sure hope so! I don't exactly look forward to the greasy/rich college food like pizza, pasta, etc... I don't want freshmen fifteen to come true for me. lol Maybe I'll have to rely on eating tons of oatmeal and veggies.

  8. What a yummilicious meal! Definitely perfect to go along with some hot rice.

  9. My Little Space, Yup. And I just realized that I haven't had this for the longest time ever. Have a great day.


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