Thursday, October 20, 2011

Red Bean Paste

Hi  everyone!  It seems like I'm taking longer and longer breaks.  :/  Don't worry though, I'm not quitting yet.  If I do, I'll warn you in advance. :P  So just to ease back into blogging, I'm going to share a really simple recipe that I used to make red bean paste.  This little post will be followed by the real deal in a couple of days.  I won't tell you what it is now; you'll find out in a couple of days.

I got the recipe from Christine's Recipes.  Right over here.

Red Bean Paste
Red beans
Rock sugar or regular sugar

Depending on how much red bean paste needed, adjust the recipe.  The amount of water needed in proportion for the amount of red beans is 3:1.  Remember to soak the red beans for a couple of hours before cooking the beans with an ample amount of water.  Don't cook too long so that the water evaporates and the beans are about to burn.  Cook it until the water is gone and the beans are soft.  If the beans are still pretty hard, add more water and continue cooking.  Make sure to keep an eye on the red beans.

After the beans are cooked, add sugar and mix until the sugar dissolves.
Then smush the red beans with a spoon or ladle until the red beans become paste.



Easy peasy! :D  Btw, I forgot to add the sugar when the water was halfway gone.  So I added the sugar at the end.  If you happen to forget, don't worry about it, it's fine.  Have a great week everyone! :)


  1. welcome back :) how have you been?

    i use a different and longer cooking time method when making these, but yours sounds more simpler.

  2. hi, how are you? miss your blog talking here! hope all is well with you, dear. Great to see you're making your own red bean paste, would love to see what you're going to make with these!!

  3. grub, Thanks! I've been fine. I was a little busy getting ready for school during the end of September and then just getting used to college and making new friends. It's already week 4!!

    My dad also uses a different method. He uses a pressurized cooker to cook the red beans. I'm too scared to try that because, knowing me, something might happen hahah.

    Hi Lena :) Aww, thank you. I'm doing fine. Thank you for your encouragement. :) I just posted the recipe. The "surprise" is now revealed. haha

    Hi Deniz! Have a great week.


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