Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Rich and Sweet Berry Scones and Award

These scones are pretty fun to make because you can pretend that you're making puff pastry because of the folds you need to make. They weren't too sweet and sprinkling some sugar on the tops is a good idea. I did not brush the tops with butter because I felt that it was unnecessary, and I only topped one scone with sugar. The sugar topped scone was less prone to browning. It also made for a prettier scone. While I baked these scones, butter leaked out. I don't think that's supposed to happen, but I don't know what I did wrong. Anyway I hope you enjoy the recipe.

Also, this past week I received an award from Lena from Frozen Wings. I didn't get around to writing this post until now, but I would like to thank her for giving me my first award. It really means a lot with me and I would like to share it with several other bloggers. Please read more to find out who got the awards. Also, please check out Lena's blog; she has many beautiful bakes and delicious food. Thank you again Lena!

Rich and Sweet Berry Scones



Some people already posted up the recipe. Because I did not make any changes in particular, I 'll just give you a link to some people who already shared the recipe. Btw, this recipe is from my favorite baking book ever, America's Test Kitchen Family Baking Book.

For people who like concise instructions click here.
For people who like detailed/lengthy instructions click here.

Zest the lemon, but don't zest yourself. XD
Add in the zest to the dry ingredients.
Grate frozen butter. This took quite a while and my hands were freezing. It was quite a workout. I realized I grated too much butter for the dough when I read the instructions and found that two tbsp of butter was to be reserved for brushing the scones... too late, I had already coated the butter with flour.
Toss the grated butter in the dry ingredients.
Add in the milk and sour cream. Stir until just combined.
Dump the dough out onto a surface and give it a few extra kneads, to make the dough stick together.
Roll it out into a square and fold it into a letter.
Fold again.
Put the dough into the freezer for a bit and then roll it out into a square again.
Then sprinkle some blueberries on and press into the dough. I used frozen ones.
Roll it up cinnamon roll style and cut into 8 triangles.

Here are some rules to abide in order to accept this award:

1.Post a link back to the person that gave you the award
2.Share 7 random things about yourself
3.Award 15 recently discovered blogs
4.Drop them a note and tell them about it. *I'll get around to it when I have the time.

I want to award these amazing bloggers. Many of them were very encouraging when I first started my blog, from then to now. A few I don't comment as much on, but I do enjoy reading your blog a lot. All these bloggers motivate me to try out new things. Please do check out their blogs. :) Sorry I don't know all your names.

Angie @ Angie's Recipes
Bakertan @ Baking Library
grub @ Grub town
Happy Homebaker @ Happy Home Baking
Honey Bee Sweets
Jess @ j3ss kitch3n
Jessie @ Hearty Bakes
Kristy @ My Little Space
Mary @ Keep Learning Keep Smiling
Pei-Lin @ Dodol & Mochi
Sharon @ Sharon Moh
Von @ Vondelicious!
Wendy @ Table for two…or more
Zoe @ Bake for Happy Kids

1. I have a terrible habit of procrastinating. When I have a major deadline approaching, I like to pretend that it’s not there. Hahaha I still finish all my homework though on time. I even procrastinate for writing my blog posts too.
2. My favorite color is pink.
3. I love roller coasters; that may be surprising to some people because I am known as the quiet, shy person. I’m slowly becoming more outgoing now; all my friends have commented on that. :D
4. I want to think of a way to help out Japan.
5. I’ve always wanted to hold a bake sale or something to raise money for a good cause.
6. I’m a very curious person who asks a lot of questions. :D I was like this as a child too. You might have noticed this if I ever commented on your blog and bombarded you with questions.
7. I want to become an elementary school teacher or do something with baking.

I'm submitting this to Aspiring Bakers #5 Fruity March Thank you Jess @ Bakericious for hosting this event. It's my first time doing this. :)


  1. Congrats on the award Esther! you deserved it! and thanks for passing to me! i'm so honored!
    the scones looks so gorgeous yum!

  2. Lovely scones there Esther. This reminds me to bake some soon, heehee! ;) Congrats to your award! You deserve it. :) And thanks for passing it to me! I guess it's really a nice encouragement to receive such awards, so will try to make my blog a better one. Thanks again!

  3. the scones look very lovely still and i dont see any butter leakage signs on the scones, they look neat on the whole piece. I do have a feeling that you re a very high passion for baking and i guess i was right afer reading your point (7).

  4. Congratulations with your award. Co-incidentally, I'm presenting some awards to you as well. Thanks for passing the award to me.

    Got to say that it has been a honor for me to be a follower of your blog. Hope that lots of success of becoming a teacher or a professional baker.

    The awards are at this link, http://bakeforhappykids.blogspot.com/2011/03/brown-sugar-mini-muffins-and-awards.html


  5. hey esther,

    congrats and thanks for passing me the award.

    Love the scones you have made.I bet they are really good! Great job =]

  6. I've never actually made scones before- but I didn't know you needed to fold scones! :O I actually quite like the technique of folding- I find it quite interesting and fun :D Though I'm not too fond of using so much butter! haha....
    Your scones look delicious!!

    Congratulations on the award - and thanks for passing it onto me :D I'm really glad I've made a teen baking friend too- and a really nice one too! :D I love reading your blog too!

  7. wow Those scones look fanfreakingtastic!
    Congratulations on the award and thank you so much for passing it to me. ;-)) Ok, now, Could I have some scones, please?


  8. Hey Esther,congrats on your well deserved award. These scones sounded incredible. I am drooling over those fresh berries & salivating! And thank you very much for thinking of me. That's very sweet of you. I am truly honoured! Thanks again. Have a great day.
    Blessings, kristy

  9. Congrats on the award! I marvel at young people who can cook and bake so well. I would love to have a piece of your scone with my tea right now:D

  10. Dear Esther, Congrats on receiving the award Esther! and thanks so much for passing it to me :):) You make me want to go bake some scones right away!

  11. Esther, thank you for passing on the award to me :). I have never tried scones in my life, shame on me, I know ;), but these look really yummy...!

  12. hi Esther! congratulations for your first blog achievement! and thank you for passing it to me!

    your scones look so mouthwatering with so many berries inside it must be so goood! i've seen it on a Japanese site before, but it just looked like a but too much work grating butter haha!

    i'm so happy to hear you are trying to help Japan! i like the idea of your bake sale, but i guess it's best to get permission to do so first.

    with ideas on what you can do to help out Japan, how about asking your principal if you can set up a donation drive, like students get to wear casual clothes in exchange for a gold coin donation. you could also donate not only money, but encourage and send messages to those living there too! encouragement is a strong power and can hopefully make them feel better among this disaster.


  13. Greetings from Southern California

    I just stopped by to say hello and may God richly bless you today :-)

    When you have the time come by and visit me. ~Ron

  14. j3ss kitch3n, Thank you Jess! You too, you deserve it. You’re always so friendly, always dropping by and leaving a sweet note. All your bakes look very successful, even though some are not up to your standards I still think they look great.

    Thank you too Honey Bee Sweets. Your blog is already very good, haha, it would be hard to make it even better. You always motivate me to bake bread. You’re welcome. ;) Thanks for answering all my questions too.

    Lena, Thank you for the award; I really appreciate it. I don’t know why the butter leaked still….I might try this again one day. Thanks for your encouragement. Yes, I love baking and it’s one of the things that can make my day great and refresh me. (Unless a baking disaster happens haha, then that’s not fun)

    Zoe, Thank you for passing the awards to me. I feel so honored as well. Your bakes are always so enticing. I just saw your new post about the cupcakes and wow! They look great. I love all the details and such. Have a great week. :)

    Bakertan, Thank you. Also, keep up your baking :), it’s always nice to read all the tips you give. They are all very helpful.

    Von, Gasp! You never made scones before? Make them one day, maybe you’ll like them. As for the butter, I think using that much butter once in a while is ok. Lol Actually, you usually don’t need to fold scones. This recipe just asks for that step, normally you just cut the butter into the flour. The folding reminded me of origami. :D I want to make croissants one day; I just need to find the time. Enjoy your award! You and grub are the first two teen baking friends I made. :)

    Angie, Thank you for being one of my first followers. Thanks and you’re welcome. Sure, I hope you like them. ;)

    Kristy, Aww, thank you. You’re welcome. You earned this award. Your blog has so many interesting recipes that I can’t wait to try out one day. Recipes for emperor buns, sticky rice and more… Yum! Oh yea, I think your chocolate marble bread was one of the first breads I ever made. Have a great week. :D

    Quay Po Cooks, Thank you :) I wouldn’t say I’m good at cooking though. Usually what I cook does not turn out well. Once I tried cooking this braised chicken, and it became something like the chicken base you would use before adding the curry cubes. Did that make sense? haha

    Happy Homebaker, Thank you and I can’t wait for you to get back into your baking mode. :) Your warm up bakes are already looking so good, I’m looking forward to what other bakes you will share.

    Cooking Gallery, You’re welcome. Try them one day. :D These were one of the few things I knew how to bake before I started up my blog. They aren’t terribly popular here though…I don’t think they’re as well known as brownies and such.

    Hi grub! Thanks and you’re welcome. :) I forgot if I mentioned this, but my brother thought I went overboard on the blueberries, lol, I’m glad you don’t think so. Grating butter isn’t that bad after you get the hang of it. Just don’t let your hands get too cold; I had to wear some rubber gloves.

    Yup, that’s something I have to do! I shouldn’t procrastinate though. I’m going to email the person tonight and see if it’s allowed. Ok, those are such great ideas! I never would have thought about sending messages to the people living there. I wonder if that’s possible, especially with the language barrier. I will talk to my counselor maybe though, or some of the club presidents I have at my school. I know Red Cross club is already raising money for this. Thanks for the ideas! I just hope that everyone will want to help out Japan.

    Ron, Thank you for stopping by and the nice greeting. What a coincidence, I’m also from SoCal. I’m not enjoying the weather now though, it’s sooo volatile. I just checked out your blog and it is very inspirational. God bless you too!


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